The Binding of isaac

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The Binding of Isaac The game does not require installation on your computer. All that is needed - it's just to start. Story of This game is taken from the most famous book in the world. Isaac's mother heard the voice of God who commanded her to sacrifice her own son. His crazy mother locks him in a room, thinking that it will not go anywhere but the room has a door that goes into the basement. He goes into the cave without knowing what was waiting for him There he meets up with various monsters who are trying to kill him His main weapon is his tears. you can buy a gun in the store, get a bonus by killing monsters in short it is a very interesting game Along the way he meets the missing people and animals. At the end of the game he meets his mother He has to fight with the monsters to go to the next level Each room has a own boss that must be defeated to move on to next level In The Binding of Isaac is present only 6 levels without the possibility of saving. If you get to the last level, and are dead then you have to start again Each time the levels are generated anew, so take the same location a few times is not necessary.

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